Electronic Monitoring

Comprehensive Monitoring Services for Enhanced Safety and Compliance

Offering the Latest Technology for Reliable Supervision in North Missouri

Explore our suite of advanced monitoring services, designed to support a variety of supervision needs with precision and reliability. From house arrest to continuous alcohol monitoring, our devices integrate seamlessly into daily life, ensuring compliance with legal requirements while maintaining personal dignity and freedom. Each solution, including GPS tracking and remote breath alcohol monitoring, is tailored to provide accurate, real-time data, aiding in the effective management of court mandates and personal rehabilitation paths.

Advanced House Arrest Solutions

Embrace security and simplicity with our SCRAM House Arrest® services, designed to support enforcement of home confinement orders with precision and minimal intrusion. This state-of-the-art system is engineered to operate flawlessly across various home settings via landline, Internet, or cellular connections, ensuring continuous monitoring without the need for complex installations.

Our SCRAM House Arrest® system not only meets strict legal requirements but also offers customizable options to fit individual needs, including adjustable proximity ranges and schedule settings. It integrates seamlessly with a robust monitoring platform, providing real-time data that helps in making informed decisions about compliance and security. This service is ideal for individuals looking for a reliable way to adhere to court mandates while maintaining their daily routine within the comfort of their home.

A photo of the SCRAM House Arrest monitoring device.

Continuous Alcohol Monitoring for Enhanced Compliance

Experience unwavering accuracy with SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring® (SCRAM CAM®), a cutting-edge solution designed to promote sobriety and ensure compliance with court-ordered alcohol abstinence. This advanced device continuously measures alcohol levels through transdermal testing, providing automated, around-the-clock observation without the need for frequent in-person testing.

SCRAM CAM® is more than a monitoring tool; it’s a pathway to personal accountability and recovery. The device’s ability to detect even low levels of alcohol intake and its tamper-resistant features make it a trusted choice for agencies and individuals alike. Offering detailed reporting capabilities, SCRAM CAM® ensures that all parties have immediate access to accurate compliance data, supporting successful rehabilitation and community safety initiatives.

A photo of the SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring® (SCRAM CAM®) device.

Precise GPS Tracking for Enhanced Supervision

Navigate the challenges of monitoring with SCRAM GPS®, a cutting-edge solution designed to provide precise location tracking for individuals under supervision. This advanced GPS monitoring device is engineered to offer high-quality location data, giving courts and agencies accurate insights into compliance and movement patterns.

SCRAM GPS® stands out for its ability to deliver location updates at varying levels of intensity based on program requirements, ensuring safety and accountability without intruding on daily activities. With features like inclusion and exclusion zones, as well as tamper alerts, this device is an essential tool for enhancing public safety and supporting reintegration strategies. It’s the ideal solution for ensuring compliance with court-ordered geographic restrictions, making it a trusted choice for rigorous monitoring needs.

A photo of the SCRAM GPS Tracking device.

Remote Breath Alcohol Monitoring for Flexible Testing

Enjoy flexibility without compromising on reliability with SCRAM Remote Breath®, the innovative alcohol monitoring solution tailored for individuals requiring remote breath testing. This portable breathalyzer incorporates facial recognition technology to ensure test integrity, making it ideal for those under court orders or who need to maintain regular checks while on the go.

SCRAM Remote Breath® offers real-time results and GPS location with each breath test, which enhances monitoring accuracy and ensures compliance. Its user-friendly design and immediate breath test results support adherence to testing schedules without disrupting daily life. Perfect for lower-risk individuals, this device integrates seamlessly into daily routines, providing a balance between effective monitoring and personal freedom.

A photo of the SCRAM Remote Breath Pro device.

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