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24/7 Alcohol Monitoring

SCRAM  Alcohol Monitoring is the most widely used and trusted name in the 24/7 transdermal alcohol testing industry.  Designed for use with the high risk alcohol offender.

House Arrest

Electronic Monitoring

House Arrest Electronic Monitoring is used for purposes of monitoring offenders from their home by allowing them to work, attend treatment, and report to their monitoring officer while on a curfew schedule. This technology can be paired with SCRAM 24/7 alcohol monitoring to maximize monitoring efforts.


Tracking and Monitoring

GPS tracking and monitoring is a one piece Global Positioning System that combines superior location monitoring accuracy and two way communication including cellular networks and towers. Offenders are tracked in real time, with the ability to locate immediately.

Remote Breath

Selective Alcohol Monitoring

Remote Breath is a convenient handheld, wireless, portable, alcohol monitoring device. Complete with automated facial recognition technology and GPS tracking with every test. It is recognized as the most flexible option in lower risk offenders requiring alcohol testing. Random, scheduled, and on demand testing available.

Onsite Drug Testing

Our onsite urinalysis drug testing is utilized for immediate and dependable results. 

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